Online business is growing In Africa

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Online businesses are growing in Africa rapidly. Lot of websites and mobile apps making projects are coming from Africa. Most of the African nations are developing nation. During this Pandemics where clients from America and Europe are decreasing day by day on contrary lot of website development and mobile apps development projects are coming from Africa.

Main causes behind growing of Online Business are as follows:

As Internet coverage is spreading in Africa , People are surfing internet and exploring new business opportunities what America, Europe and Asia got decades ago. That is why demand for website development is growing day by day.

Due to Covid-19 Asia, Europe and America is very much affected but Africa is less affected.


Dgihike is offering special offer for African client. We want to support their business growth.

Online store $160

Informative website $120

Educational website $140

Blogs $100

Freelancing Website $250 like fiverr

Trading website $350


  1. We are offering 6 months technical supports free of cost.

  2. we are providing free Training to our customers.

  3. We just take 20% advance at the time of order

  4. We don't compromise with quality.

To know more about our services and offers please visit our website

Or whatsapp us +917584928563.

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