Digital Marketing and It's Future

Written by SAYANI JHA

Marketing is a business activity to promote products or services of a particular organization to gain more target audience. Not only promote something but also it includes marketing research, advertisement etc. Marketing is intimately involved in trade, commerce or businesses. Nowadays 'Digital Marketing' is trending around the globe. Here's a question that may arise: what does digital marketing actually mean? In the 21st century, when everything is turning digital, why not businesses or marketing! When an organization promotes their products or services with the help of digital devices, that is generally called 'Digital Marketing'.

There are a plethora of categories in Digital marketing. Here are some -

1. SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (SEM) - It's a strategy in digital marketing to increase traffic or visibility of a website in search engine results pages. It can either be paid or organic.

2. EMAIL MARKETING - Email marketing helps a business to make its customers aware of new products or services, discounts of any products etc. to generate more sales.

3. CONTENT MARKETING - Content marketing stimulates interest of the target audience towards the product or service of a particular industry. Content includes anything such as videos, blogs or articles, photos etc.

4. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING - Based upon different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter - Social Media Marketing helps to connect with the audience to generate more sales and traffic to the website.

5. AFFILIATE MARKETING - This type of marketing focuses on the product referrals from other professional people. A company pays some commission to those external people for their advertisement for generating traffic and sales.

6. PAY-PER-CLICK (PPC) - In this type of online advertisement, the advertisers have to pay some amount of money to the publishers each time an advertising link is clicked. PPC includes Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram ads etc.

Digital Marketing is a marathon not a one day match. Using digital channels such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), emails, social media platforms - an organization creates more traffic and sales. To run digital marketing one must have some strategies; from setting a goal to evaluating products, analyzing digital presence, knowing competitors strategies, creating content plan, scheduling and many more. Moreover, digital marketing changes the perspective of a business entirely. Creating brand awareness, generating traffic to a website, driving sales - internet marketing is helping immensely in the growth of trade and commerce. Presently Social media are giving extra push to connect and communicate with the target audience.

With the evolution of the Internet in the 90s digital marketing is gaining its popularity. From 1994 millions of people started using their personal computers with internet connection. After the invention of Facebook, Instagram and other platforms - this business appearance changed drastically. Furthermore, 2020's Covid- lockdown with today's unemployment rate are constantly pushing the graph upwards. And talking about its importance, one can reach out to a massive number of people using digital channels. Also this digitalization is considered cost effective and one can choose one's target customer accordingly. Online marketing makes sure to build the trust, loyalty between the sellers and the buyers.

Now with the arrival of Generation Z, few things that should be kept in mind while making marketing strategies and this would be a huge mistake if one ignores these new arrivals. And it is needless to say that Gen Z represents 40% of the customers. So what are the basic components then? These are - clarity of business, should have one or more than one purpose except making money, evaluating products or services according to their needs, good communication can create good connections, selling relatable products, avoiding 'cringe factors', and so on and so forth.

The sector of information and technology is not constant. It is changing day by day. And technology and digital marketing - these two are sharing close relations with each other. With the evolution of technologies, marketing and business strategies are being evaluated. Previously, an organization printed pamphlets to promote their products or services but now digital media is doing everything in an effective way for them - from creating a post on social media, generating traffic to the website to sell the product or service. We all know, in recent days, how the simple 'hashtags' are stimulating more traffic whether it is Facebook or Instagram.

However, there are some key factors for a successful Digital Marketing. Websites play an important role here. A company's website is the first to seek the attraction of a target customer, so make sure to create eye-catching design, great content and clear layouts. On the other hand, connecting the company's social media handles with the website can originate trust, loyalty. At the same time focusing on the brand, evaluation of the product or service are equally important. Video marketing is the best possible way to gain customers especially in this era when people rely upon audio-visual content. Also Google Adwords, also known as pay-per-click advertisement is the instant solution to generate traffic to a website.

It is worth mentioning that digital marketing has its pros and cons too. Counting advantages, through online marketing an organization can get global reach at a very low cost. Also the company can focus on its particular audiences by selecting the right age, gender, and location. It also helps to improve the conversion rate. Other hand, the disadvantages are like - it needs skills which are time consuming and high competition is now a serious factor. People also face privacy and security issues. At the same time in remote areas where people have no clue about the internet, an organization is unsuccessful in marketing and selling their products or services to them.

According to the reports of Global data, by 2023 the graph of Indian web clients will rise up to 666 million. Digital Marketing is an evergreen industry with the continuous change of technologies. Regarding this, companies like dgiHike is a one stop solution for all Digital Marketing services, whether the SEO based service or Web development. The best possible way out can be found here. Main thing is to have the right skill set and proper planning. And with the help of Covid-19 -lockdown, most of the people have started their businesses online. So high competition is there. If one is able to cope with evolution, one can easily have a better future ahead. It is high time for Gen Z to think about a career based on the digital industry.

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